Cody Road Mint Julep

Each year we celebrate our annual "KenTaco Derby" party with this special "Still Crazy" release!  Cody Road Mint Julep is your favorite taste of May already bottled up and ready to go.  Just add ice.
We use Cody Road Bourbon and steep it with real mint, add sugar and bottle it up.  While juleps are known for their association with horses, it's way older than that.  Legend has it farmers would drink it before they hit the fields for a jolt of energy.  With all natural mint and delicious Cody Road Bourbon, we think this one will wake you right up!
This one is so delicious, you won't want it to end when the roses arrive.  So grab a few while you can.  We only made 250 bottles annually so it goes fast!
Cody Road Mint Julep
Mississippi River Distilling Company

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