My Whiskey – Custom whiskey program

Do you have an idea for a great whiskey? Want your own custom whiskey for your bar or restaurant? You and some buddies want your own label for the hunting camp? Want an amazing one-of-a-kind holiday gift? Here’s your chance!

We will custom make a 30 gallon barrel of whiskey for you.

You pick the grain bill, the yeast, the barrel, the age and the proof. You even get to name it! When it’s done, you get all the whiskey in the barrel and the empty barrel to display proudly.

It’s a fairly involved process. The cost is $6,000 per barrel. $3,000 is payable to the distillery to start the project. The second $3,000 will be paid to a licensed retailer who will take delivery of your stock once the project is finished. At 80 proof, your barrel should produce about 150 bottles of finished whiskey. That works out to be about $40 per bottle.

You can create your own custom mash bill and wait for the whiskey to age or you can select from already aging whiskey stock.  We have experimental barrels or you can try a proprietary blend of whiskies we have in our barrel room.  Contact us to explore options.


Interested in signing up?

Click the button to download detailed information about the process. Then contact us at the distillery to start making your own personal whiskey today! Or call us at 563-484-4342 or email us at info@mrdistilling.com.

My Vodka – Custom labeled vodka program

We make it easy and affordable to make your own custom labeled vodka! We’ll help you customize the label. We will submit it to the TTB and get it printed for bottling. Your vodka will be bottled up into 6 x 750 ml cases. You take the vodka 20 cases at a time.  The total for 120 bottles is $2520 plus tax.

Are you a bar or retailer looking for your own label?  Contact us for special retail pricing.

Turn around time for the first order: 60-90 days. Turn around time for re-orders: 10-20 days.

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