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Hand Sanitizer

Mississippi River Distilling Company has been able to respond to the public need during the coronavirus pandemic by converting our distillery to a hand sanitizer production facility. We thank you for your overwhelming response to our hand sanitizer production. Due to licensing fees, we are discontinuing our hand sanitizer sales.  In order to clear the remaining inventory that we have before the end of 2021, we are offering free hand sanitizer!

Individuals can stop by the distillery in LeClaire and ask for up to 4 gallons of free sanitizer.  Bulk quantities are available for schools, health care professionals, law enforcement, youth organizations or non-profit agencies.

Please contact us for more information on bulk inquiries.  First come, first serve while supplies last.

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Stop by the distillery to pick up free hand sanitizer.  Available to the public in:

  • 1 gallon jug
  • Case of four 1 gallon jugs

Larger organizations can request greater quantities.

  • Palette configuration:  192 gallon jugs (48 cases of four-1500#)
  • Minimum of 12 cases for shipping.  Shipping costs $100 per palette which must be pre-paid.
Hand Sanitizer Filling

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get it?

You can pick gallons up any time during our regular business hours.  Pre-orders are no longer needed.

What is it?

The government has approved one very straightforward and basic formula. This will be 80% ethyl alcohol with peroxide, glycerin and water. It is a straight forward institutional style sanitizer solution. This is not a gel and has no fragrance added. It will easily work in a spray bottle as it has a watery consistency.

Can you ship it to me?

Most orders will need to be picked up at our facility at 303 North Cody Road in LeClaire.  Because of the high alcohol content, this product is flammable.  Therefore, it is not allowed to be shipped by USPS, UPS, FedEx or comparable carriers.  We are working with local LTL trucking companies who will be able to haul this hazardous material via palette load.  The cost for shipping is $100 per palette around Iowa and Illinois.  Minimum shipping quantity is 12 cases.  If you are shipping elsewhere, we will provide a shipping quote before you pay.

How will it be dispensed?

This will be packaged in bulk one gallon jugs.  There is not a pump attached.  We encourage people to save any dispenser bottles they might have and use this product as a refill.  This product works best in spray bottles.  It will work in a pump, but the spray bottle is more effective and will minimize waste.

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