River Baron Artisan Spirit

In the era when grand steamboats were the lifeblood of the Mississippi, powerful traders enhanced the life of communities. Known as river barons, they were the keepers of life's luxuries. As the big steamers powered from New Orleans to St. Paul and back, these barons directed the flow of fine goods, including wine and spirits.

Reflecting their demand for premium quality, River Baron is handmade in Le Claire, Iowa. Its exceptional taste begins with grains harvested from local farms. A blend of corn and wheat, all delivered directly from the nearby farms where each kernel grew. It makes for a spirit like you've never tasted before. Full flavored with the flowery aroma of wheat and the sweet, smooth finish of corn.

Premium distillation in small batches ensures the outstanding quality river barons demanded. We use only the sweetest, smoothest portion of each distillation run. Our signature spirit is distilled and filtered in small batches and the hand writing on the neck label ensures that each bottle has received the care it deserves.

Try River Baron for a sweet and smooth finish. Mix it like a vodka. Our favorites? White Russians, sweet and citrus mixers, cola or root beer.. Pour some today and tip your glass to the noble barons who built life along the Mississippi.

River Baron Artisan Spirit

Our difference is our grain to glass approach

We’re surrounded by some of the finest grain fields in the world. It only makes sense to make the finest spirits from that grain as well. We purchase farm fresh grain, directly from the farmers who grow it. 100% of our grains come from within 25 miles of our distillery. Take our tour and you can see the entire process of spirit making from beginning to end. We’re one of a handful of distillers in the U.S. who take the “grain to glass” small batch distillation approach.

What “grain to glass” means is that we handle every step of the process ourselves, taking our fresh grain and make it into your favorite liquors. We sort and clean the grain and then mill it into a flour-like consistency. We cook the grain to make our mash and then add yeast to let it ferment. We distill the fermented mash and then filter it and blend it to proof. From there, it either goes into a barrel or a bottle. We bottle our spirits by hand. The important thing is that it is all done under our watchful eye, under one roof. We don’t outsource anything. It’s not always efficient but we pride ourselves on inefficiencies that result in a premium product. We know you’ll grow to appreciate our “grain to glass” approach once our spirits go from that glass onto your taste-buds!

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Meet the River Baron

Even now, I can still remember the first time I sat under the magnificent elm tree, along the great bend in the Mississippi. I was powerless to keep my eyes away from the river. The pink iridescence in the early evening sun. The snaking current and the majestic steamboats with its giant paddle wheels that supplied the lifeblood to the rapidly growing communities along its banks.

I had been born along the Danube River in Germany in 1850, of a father and mother who had lived there all their lives. When I was only a boy of seven, Father decided to leave the only home he’d ever known to move our family to America and build a grander, more stable life. Understanding the significance of the Mississippi on the overall west-ward expansion, he made a conscious decision to resettle along the bank of this mighty body of water.

It was shortly after our arrival in Le Claire that I discovered the towering elm tree with its umbrella-shaped canopy that was a popular spot for rapid pilots to wait for their next job. As our family began to settle into the new rhythm of life, I would often escape to the spot with my new friend William Frederick Cody to watch the river traffic.

As a matter of fact, I think I became a trader because of this scintillating view.

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River Baron Artisan Spirit
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