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July 31, 2017

Your two favorite whiskies are back in single barrel expressions!  Cody Road Single Barrel Bourbon and Cody Road Single Barrel Rye return August 4.
Typically our whiskies are a blend of 8 barrels at a time and bottled at 90 proof for bourbon and 80 proof for rye.
These whiskies are bottled one barrel at a time at barrel proof.  The bourbon is bottled at 105 and the rye at 92.  While these are higher proof than our normal bottling, they showcase our unique aging approach.  We go into the barrel at 10-20% lower alcohol than most American whiskies.
We’ve learned that our lower barrel entry proof brings more of the sugars out of the oak and balances our whiskies perfectly.  Whiel it’s not the cheapest way to age whisky because it takes more room, we think it’s worth it.  We think you’ll agree once you taste it!
27677 Cody Road Single Barrel Bourbon

27138 Cody Road Single Barrel Rye


We think you should try Cody Road Single Barrel Rye, but so does Paste Magazine!

It looks like the rest of the world is starting to figure out what you already know… Cody Road is some darn good whiskey!
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