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December 15, 2016

There are not many flavors more quintessential to the Quad Cities than Boetje’s Mustard.  Now with the help of a local distillery, this classic is getting a new twist. Boetje’s and Mississippi River Distilling Company have released the latest batch of their collaboration.  “Boetje’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Mustard” has soaked for over a month in used Cody Road Bourbon casks.

“We were looking for ways to put a new twist on an old favorite.”  said Boetje’s production manager Harrison Kropp.  “We saw some interesting barrel aged mustards at the World-Wide Mustard Competition in Wisconsin last year.  So we thought it would be great to give it a try with Boetje’s.”

Ryan Burchett, owner and distiller at Mississippi River Distilling Company, said he didn’t have to think twice about the project.  “It was a total no-brainer for us.  We were humbled to have such an established brand like Boetje’s reach out to us for something like this.  It’s an honor to have our name on the same label as one of our all time favorites.”

The distillery gave Kropp some oak whiskey casks that had been used to age Cody Road Bourbon Whiskey.  After soaking for more than 30 days in the barrel, the mustard is ground and prepared for sale.  “It brings a unique sweetness to our mustard along with the signature Boetje’s punch.” added Kropp.

“Our brand is all about being local.” said Burchett.  “Cody Road Bourbon is made from grain sourced directly from local farmers within 25 miles of our distillery.  So to find a new local partner to do something totally different like this is a ton of fun for us.”

The mustard is being made in small batches.  It is available at the gift shops at Boetje’s and Mississippi River Distilling Company as well as at grocery stores around the Quad Cities.

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