Our Still

There’s nothing prettier than looking out over the Mississippi River from our distillery while watching the sunlight dance across the gleaming copper and stainless steel jewel that is our still.

The still was handmade in Germany and it is a remarkable piece of equipment. The best part about it is it provides us with the flexibility to make about any distillate we decide we put our minds to. We were fortunate enough to spend time in Germany training with some of Europe’s finest distillers to get the most out of our equipment.

our still

The still consists of a  handmade German boiling pot and two tall copper rectification columns. Those columns house distillation plates that allow us to distill the purest vodka up to 95% alcohol. We can also turn off some or all of those plates to make whiskey in a traditional pot still fashion or anything in between. It gives us the flexibility to be as creative as we want to be with our distillates.

We have affectionately named her “Rose” as she has the curves of a beautiful woman and is the true “River Rose” at our distillery.

The building layout was constructed around Rose and whether you look in from the street or have a drink in our grand tasting room, she’ll always have an eye on you. It’s beauty you must behold in person. Stop by to say hello with a distillery tour soon.

Mississippi River Distilling Company

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