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January 30, 2017

We are rolling out another new “Still Crazy” flavor!  Cody Road Maple is Cody Road Bourbon mixed with real Iowa maple syrup from Great River Maple in Garnavillo!

This is a real maple whiskey for real whiskey drinkers.  Most of the maple whiskies on the market are loaded with sugar and topped with artificial maple flavor.  We are using REAL maple right from the trees. So it’s a natural sweetness that doesn’t overpower the whiskey.  Trust us, this is a perfect Old Fashioned whiskey!

The project started with two barrels of Cody Road Bourbon that soaked for a couple years.  We emptied  the barrels and gave them to Great River Maple who soaked maple syrup in the barrels for a few months.  (Yes we sell the syrup too!)  Then they gave the barrels back to us.  We put whiskey back into the barrels for a few months and then emptied the barrels again.  Finally, we added more maple syrup to the whiskey and bottled it.  So good!

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