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Aviary Cocktail Book Signing Monday 1/14/18 5 pm

January 7, 2019

World Renowned Cocktail Innovator Returns Home for Book Signing

Le Claire, Iowa, January, 7, 2019 – When Davenport native Micah Melton headed off to culinary school in Cedar Rapids, there was no way he could see the amazing road in front of him.  Fast forward to present day and Micah is returning to the Quad Cities as one of the world’s most celebrated cocktail innovators and now a published author.

The 32 year old Melton is widely regarded as one of the hottest names coming up in the cocktail world.  He is the beverage director for “The Aviary” in Chicago and “The Aviary NYC” in New York.  Melton was hired by world renowned chef Grant Achatz to develop the cocktail menus at both Aviary establishments and their companion speak-easy bars known as “The Office”.

The Aviary is known for their lab-like drinks constructed by “bar chefs” in a culinary environment. There are cocktails with smoke, with custom ice, dramatic presentations through scientific equipment and more.  The Aviary continues to pile up awards and accolades around the globe thanks to Melton’s innovations.

Late in 2018, The Aviary Cocktail Book was released with over 400 pages of incredible photography, innovative techniques and delicious recipes.  One of the recipes included is for a drink called “Red Hook” which features Cody Road Rye Whiskey which is made in LeClaire at the Mississippi River Distilling Company.

“One of the great things about Micah is that he’s never forgotten where he came from.”  said Mississippi River Distilling Company owner and distiller Ryan Burchett.  “The cocktail world of Chicago and New York City can eat you up.  But Micah has never stopped being a down-to-earth Iowa guy.  I think that grounding has been a big part of his success.”

Burchett said he has Melton to thank for giving his products some great credibility in the industry.  “Micah didn’t just put a bottle of our whiskey on the bar to be nice.  He brings our whiskey in by the barrel.  We send him samples and he hand selects the barrels.  We bottle it and ship it off to New York and Chicago.”

Cody Road Rye brings a little bit of Melton’s home to the big city.  “The Aviary is always about the unexpected.” said Burchett.  “To us, we are honored that Micah could find the quality necessary for a five star cocktail bar right here in the Quad Cities with a locally produced product like ours.”

Melton is returning to the Quad Cities on Monday, January 14 to spend the day at Mississippi River Distilling Company in LeClaire.  Distillers will be working with Melton on two collaboration cocktails that the distillery will bottle later in the year after barrel aging.  From 5:; to 6:30 pm, Melton will be signing copies of the Aviary Cocktail Book for the public followed by a private cocktail seminar for area industry members.  Signed copies of the book will be available for sale at the distillery for $85 each.


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